Safety Awareness for Responders to Floods: Protecting Yourself While Helping Others

Can be used directly in HAZMAT training programs.

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Can be used directly in HAZMAT training programs.

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Keyword Emergency, Hazards, Traumatic stress, Heat stress, Sunburn, Eye injuries, Noise, Dust, Debris, Unstable work surface, Flood, Sharp objects, Chemicals, Chemical exposure, Driving, Traffic, Electrical lines, Carbon monoxide, Ladders, Chain saws, Confined spaces, Structural integrity, Heavy equipment, Mold, Trench foot, Blood-borne disease, Food-borne disease, Water-borne disease, Handling bodies, Poisonous plants, Insect-borne disease, Animal-borne disease, Snakes, Reptiles, Protective measures, Safety, Traininafet
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