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University of Hawaii Sea Level Center

The UHSLC serves multiple roles in support of real-time oceanographic operations as well as climate and oceanographic research. The UHSLC collaborates with agencies within host countries to install and maintain a global network of tide gauge stations that range in utility from tsunami warning to global sea level rise. The growing UHSLC network consists of more than 80 stations. The data are routinely processed, analyzed, and distributed at varying levels of temporal resolution and quality control that fill multiple end-user needs. UHSLC datasets are used for assimilation into operational numerical models, the calibration of satellite altimeter data, the production of oceanographic products, and research on various time-scales from decadal climate fluctuations to short-term extreme events. UHSLC real-time data contribute to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and other operational warning agencies. Over the years the UHSLC has participated in national and international research programs including NORPAX, TOGA, WOCE, GODAE and CLIVAR. Read More

Sea Level Rise (NASA)

NASA keeps track of sea level change and its causes from space. Find out more about how NASA satellite observations help our understanding of this complex topic. Read More


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