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A post-occupancy evaluation of a green rated and conventional on-campus residence hall

Green buildings increasingly attract attention in the real estate sector, and the United States is no exception. Studies indicate that green rated buildings may bring higher rents and sales prices. One reason for this inequity is that the indoor environment of these buildings may outperform conventional buildings. The main objective of this paper is to conduct a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) to compare the indoor environment in a LEED certified, on-campus residence hall with a similar, non-green rated residence hall. Results are evaluated to determine if green buildings really outperform. The results suggest that the green rated building outperformed the conventional building in the majority of the indoor environmental aspects, but not all. These results can inform a cost-benefit analysis of green features for new construction and refurbishments. Read More

Straw Bale Odyssey

Jon and June Haeme built an RE-powered straw bale home in Illinois, and they caught the whole process on film. This photo documentary is worth thousands of words. Become an online member to view article. Read More

World Environmental Library Home Page

This cooperative digital library is designed to provide environmental information to all. The site presently has over 400 digitized publications, available in English, Spanish and French translations. The publications can be read on-line or printed. Read More

Natural Home Magazine

Publishes articles on green building, especially natural building and healthy building products, featuring sustainable, healthy homes, decorating tips, and the latest green products and services. Read More

Environmental Design and Construction Homepage

Subscription information for Environmental Design+Construction – a magazine dedicated to resource and energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy sources, green building materials, sustainable building, indoor air quality and life cycle assessment. Read More


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