» Hazardous waste site remediation

U.S. EPA Supefund: Cleaning up the Nation's Hazardous Waste Sites

From this web site a great amount of information about uncontrolled hazardous waste sites can be obtained. To provide just a few examples, researchers, or other interested individuals, may access laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines related to the Superfund, locate Superfund sites, view brief descriptions of individual Superfund sites, and view Records of Decision (ROD’s) for a particular site. Read More

Modeling Subsurface Transport of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

This U.S. EPA website contains information on the modeling of subsurface transport of petroleum hydrocarbons and other contaminants. There are a few course modules on the fate and transport of contaminants. There are also OnSite on-line calculators for site-specific assessment calculations. Read More

Superfund 20th Anniversary Report

Report of progress of Superfund program in addressing dangers of toxic waste sites. Includes timeline from 1976 on. Links to relevent government agencies. Read More

Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable Homepage

The FRTR is a collaborative organization that brings together federal agencies involved in hazardous waste site cleanup. Included are tools that provide assistance in the evaluation of remediation methods and descriptions of various remediation methods. Read More

Cleanup!: A Hazardous Waste Cleanup Design Exercise

Cleanup! is an educational software package that allows students to learn about hazardous waste site characterization and remediation. The software models a contamination scenario that students can experiment with and find solutions to the contamination problem. Read More

Superfund for Students & Teachers: Classroom Activities

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides links to educational programs for elementary through college, including ‘environmental cleanup videos and a participatory program in which classrooms collect weather data for EPA.’ Read More

Contract Management

The Contract Management Center (CMC) provides leadership for the management of the Office of Emergency and Remedial Response’s (OERR) Headquarters support contracts. Read More

Hazardous Waste Site Clean Up Information (Clu-In)

Provides information about innovative treatment and site characterization technologies. Includes databases, newsletters, information about initiatives and partnerships, and vendor and developer support. Read More


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