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Current Initiatives and Key Issues

News and events, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency Read More

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

UNESCAP promotes economic and social development through regional and sub-regional cooperation. Read More


Oceana organizes campaigns to protect and restore our oceans. Campaign teams of marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates seek specific policy outcomes to help stop the irreversible collapse of fish stocks, marine mammal populations and other sea life. Read More

Pollutants & Sources

A brief explanation of the pollutants and their sources as outlined in the Clean Air Act, provided by the EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. Read More


EERL's mission is to be the best possible online collection of environmental and energy sustainability resources for community college educators and for their students. The resources are also available for practitioners and the public.


EERL is a product of a community college-based National Science Foundation Center, the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC), and its partners.

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