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summary of Sample Containers, Preservation Methods, and Holding Times

List of analytes and holding times with recommended volumes and container types – nitrite, nitrate, pH, turbidity, E. coli, ammonia, heavy metals, etc. Read More

Water Quality Laboratory: Sample Containers, Preservation, and Holding Times

Charts of sample holding times and containers needed for variety of analyzes. Read More

Seton Compliance Resource Center: 49 CFR Chapter 1 Part 178

Site has definitions of holding time from the United States Code of Federal Regulations. Read More

EPA Characterization and Monitoring - Sample Holding time re-evaluation

Abstract of article on research on re-evaluation of holding times. Read More


Multimedia education project to raise awareness of the world’s oceans and oceanic life. Read More

Test Methods - SW846 online: Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods

The SW-846 documents found at this site are complete copies of the published versions and thus include all figures and tables. Read More

Acid Deposition Sampling

The student will perform lab/field tests to determine the level of contaminants in a water sample. Read More

Let's Talk Dirt

The student will take a sample of soil, determine the percentage of the different types of soil particles it contains and indentify the soil, using the Ternary Chart and/or the Color Identification Chart. Read More

UK Environmental Change Network

The UK Environmental Change Network monitors and researches to detect and interpret environmental changes in the United Kingdom, collecting and analyzing data on weather, air quality, water quality, etc. Read More

World Factbook. Environment current issues

A listing of countries’ current environmental issues. Read More


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