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COGEN Europe

Cogen Europe promotes cogeneration as the most efficient way to deliver heating, cooling and electricity. Read More

Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE)

The Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE) was established in 1992 to mainstream alternative energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency) in the World Bank’s power sector lending operations in Asia. Read More

International Energy Agency Homepage

An intergovernmental body committed to advancing security of energy supply and environmental sustainability through energy policy cooperation. Provides statistics on usage of coal, natural gas, electricity, oil, and heat for each country. Read More

Environmental Energy Technologies Homepage

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Center for Building Science works to develop and commercialize energy-efficient technologies and to document ways of improving the energy efficiency of homes and other buildings while protecting air quality. Read More

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Homepage

ACEEE promotes energy efficiency by in-depth technical and policy assessments, advice to policymakers and program managers, and collaborative work with businesses, public interest groups, and other organizations. Read More

Solid Waste Disposal Act (RCRA)

Very complete explanation of the goals, strategies, policies, procedures and listed wastes of RCRA. Read More


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