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Teach Coal

The American Coal Foundation (ACF) provides students and teachers with educational materials related to coal. The ACF offers free lesson plans to help educators teach about energy. In addition, the ACF shares information about energy conservation, coal mining, and much more. Read More

EnergyStar Podcasts

Podcasts about the EnergyStar program. Read More

Where does your energy come from? Analyzing your energy bill

Armed with utility bills (or conversations with relatives) and information from utility and government websites, students trace the sources of their electricity, heating and cooling, and other components of their energy use. Data on energy sources from different states and countries (represented by the students’ households-of-origin) form the basis for discussions about energy sources, including their environmental, societal and economic advantages and disadvantages. Read More

Administering Green Programs in Congress: Issues and Options

This report discusses “green” programs and the higher profile they have gained since the 110th Congress. “Green” programs are those designed to create an environmentally friendly work environment and conserve energy. This report discusses initiatives and policy options that would improve the “greening” process on Capitol Hill. Read More

Enhancing Electricity Audits in Residential Buildings with Nonintrusive Load Monitoring

Article from the Journal of Industrial Ecology, 14(5), pp. 844-858. Read More

City of Eugene Sustainable Eugene

A city government office of sustainability addresses social equity, environment, and economic issues, includes a 53-page plan outlines practices, policies, and resources committed to reduce environmental impacts. Read More

Environmental Protection: The Solution Resource for Managing Air, Water, Energy and Waste Issues (Energy)

News, articles, blog posts, and products related to the environmental protection and energy production, storage, and transmission. White papers require registration. Read More

Buffer Strips: Commonsense Conservation

Description of vegetation buffers used to conserve soil and manage environmental concerns. Read More

Fun With The Sun - Teacher's Activity Guide for Elementary Grades K-2

Each activity follows a format developed by the National Center for the Improvement of Science Education. The model is based on the “Immersion Approach” where teachers actually complete research projects in a laboratory setting. Once teachers have experienced “real life” laboratory research, they are more familiar with how they solve scientific problems. The Teaching-Learning Model is the result of these lab experiences. Read More

Law of the People's Republic of China on Conserving Energy

This Law is formulated in order to promote energy conservation by all sectors of society, increase energy efficiency to benefit economic development, protect the environment, ensure national economic and social development, and meet the people’s needs in everyday life. Read More


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