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Earth 911 / 1-800-CLEANUP

Public & Private Sector Partnership including the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Governors’ Association and others, provides information about local disposal sites for household hazardous waste, shopping smart, energy & water conservation, organics and composting, and mercury information. Read More

Healthy House Institute

Provides resources pertaining to improving residential indoor air quality, including books and videos available for purchase. Also provides an archive of published articles on the topic. Read More

Environmental Energy Technologies Homepage

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Center for Building Science works to develop and commercialize energy-efficient technologies and to document ways of improving the energy efficiency of homes and other buildings while protecting air quality. Read More

Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP)

REPP promotes the use of renewable energy through research, the publication and dissemination of information, the creation of policy tools, and sponsorship of on-line renewable energy discussion groups. Read More

United Nations Environment Network

A searchable, browsable, global portal to authoritative environmental information based on themes (climate change, freshwater, GEO data, mountains, socioeconomic, urban environment) and regions. Read More

Teacher's Guide to Indoor Air Pollutants

National Safety Council’s Environmental Health Center developed this guide, available for purchase, with information teachers of 4th through 6th grades need to teach an educational unit on indoor air quality. Read More

Glossary of Air Pollution Terms

Air pollution terms and definitions from the California Air Resources Board. Read More


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