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Cooperatives: A Tool for Community Economic Development

This Manual is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of cooperatives: what they are, how they work, and how to start one. In addition, it offers numerous examples of actual co-ops in Wisconsin and other states. Read More

Process Energy: Water/Wastewater Efficiency

Energy is the largest controllable cost in water and wastewater services. Here you will find information on proven methods and technologies that can help eliminate unnecessary waste of energy and money. Read More

Chongquing Wastewater Project, Three Gorges Dam, China

Wastewater treatment along the Yantze River in China. Two-thirds of the city of Chongquing’s industrial wastewater and all its sewage is dumped into the river untreated. UV wastewater disinfection is one of the ways being used to change pollution levels. Read More

Water Online

Marketplace for water professionals, articles and suppliers for latest equipment, events and on-line workshops. Read More

WaterTech Online

Online magazine that hosts up-to-date articles on standards, news, regulations, equiipment and other relevant information to those working with water/wastewater, archives news articles. Free subscription. Read More

Water Quality Parameters

A collection of fact sheets and links pertaining to various aspects of water quality parameters, including algae, alkalinity, ammonia, bacteria, metals, nitrate, pesticides, ph, phosphorous, salinity and turbidity. Read More

World's Water

Site provides up-to-date water information, data, and web connections to organizations, institutions, and individuals working on a wide range of global freshwater problems and solutions. Read More

Water Librarians' Home Page

Lists of water-related links organized by Robert Teeter, librarian in a California water agency. Categories include agencies, reference databases, comprehensive pages, regional issues, earth sciences, engineering, environmental science, law and government agencies. Read More

WasteWater Engineering Virtual Library WWEVL

Searchable site providing links to wastewater-related sites including academic & research institutions, professional & trade organizations, consultants, suppliers, magazines, companies, pretreatment agencies, literature, government and more. Read More

U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources of the United States

Water resource information is provided by the USGS for every state. Additional links are included for NWISWeb Water Data, Real Time, Surface Water, Ground Water, and Water Quality information. A specific section for Students and Teachers provides over a dozen different sets of resource materials within the USGS site and with National Partner Organizations. Read More


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