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Chemical laboratory Safety and Security: A Guide to Prudent Chemical Management

Over the past century, chemistry has increased our understanding of the physical and biological world as well as our ability to manipulate it. The work carried out in chemistry laboratories around the globe continues to enable important advances in science and engineering. The chemical laboratory has become the center for acquiring knowledge and developing new materials for future use, as well as for monitoring and controlling those chemicals currently used routinely in thousands of commercial processes. Read More

Genetic Disease

A webquest with virtual field trips and educational activities for middle and high school science students on genetic disease. Read More

Infectious Disease

A webquest with virtual field trips and educational activities for middle and high school science students on infectious disease. Read More

Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, and Physics

A set of five high school science lessons on environmental chemistry and pollution. Read More

Water Tanks

There are few cities in the U.S. with the number of tall buildings that New York City has, and also few cities with a water system as old. As a matter of fire prevention, taller buildings are required to have two sources of water, and one of those is usually a tank on the roof. Running time 3:08 minutes. Read More

Safety and Health Policy and Procedure Manual

College/university safety manual: 30 examples of safety manuals for college personnel. Read More

Rural Safety and Health

Extensive list of documents, fact sheets, and videos on farming and rural safety. Read More

Manure Pits/Farm Ponds/Wells

Documents and fact sheets on farm safety. Read More

Machinery and Vehicle Safety

Long list of fact sheets and videos on farm safety and the safe use of farm machinery and equipment. Read More

Grain Handling/Harvesting/Storage

Fact sheets and videos on topics relating to grain handling and storage safety. Read More


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