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Thinkcycle: Open Collaborative Design

Thinkcycle is a non-profit that grew out of projects at MIT to address significant design challenges, with one focus being design problems in the areas of environment and sustainability. Thinkcycle aims to address these challenges through open source design innovation: providing open design specs and encouraging individuals from around the world to collaborate on solutions. The site encourages new users to review introductory materials on open source design, and become involved in the process by contributing to existing design ideas or creating new ones. Potential projects vary from methods to recycle computer parts to shoes that create storable energy. Read More

Design that Matters: Outreach*Education*Innovation for Sustainable Development

Design that Matters is a non-profit that grew out of projects at MIT to “help(s) underserved communities realize an improved quality of life by creating products and services that meet needs identified by the communities themselves.” The organization recruits business and engineering students to create prototype technologies and services. Some examples are cholera treatments, non-electric infant incubators, and toys that use and teach native languages. The site provides specifications of the products created, information on the communities served and field journals from students working in these communities around the world. Read More

Institute for a Sustainable Environment

The Institute for a Sustainable Environment is a center for innovative, interdisciplinary research at the nexus of ecological, economic, and social sustainability. As the university’s oldest sustainability institute, the ISE is a thriving center for collaborative research, technical assistance, and policy education.The ISE has a number of program areas, including the ISE Geographic Information Systems Lab, Ecosystem Workforce Program and several individual research initiatives. Read More


EERL's mission is to be the best possible online collection of environmental and energy sustainability resources for community college educators and for their students. The resources are also available for practitioners and the public.


EERL is a product of a community college-based National Science Foundation Center, the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC), and its partners.

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