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Information on a combination of solutions for managing waste with details on the recycling steps, collection and processing, manufacturing, and purchasing of recycled products. Read More

Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin

This is an online, 16-page, comic-strip story of the Garbage Gremlin and his efforts to stop a school from creating a recycling program. Also available in downloadable comic-book format, http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/education/kids/gremlin/gremlin.pdf Read More


Basic information on the reducing and recycling of electronics, including locations of regional and state recycling programs. Read More

Planet Protectors Club for Kids

Activities to teach kids in grades K-6 about recycling and waste reduction. Read More

Recycling Computers

Go inside Electronic Recyclers to see how they break down millions of pounds of electronics every month. Everything from computers to cell phones, TVs to Xboxes, comes through their doors to be crushed, shredded, melted down and reused. Running time 5:14 minutes. Available by subscription. Read More

Green Procurement (formerly known as Affirmative Procurement)

The Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence provides information about policies and practices to close the recycling loop by purchasing products made with recycled materials, biobased products and environmentally preferable products and services. Read More


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