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Reclamation Manual

To ensure all cost estimates required to support the Bureau of Reclamation’s mission are effectively prepared, reviewed, and properly used. The benefits to Reclamation include improved quality and consistency of cost estimates, the facilitation of corporate oversight for these projects to support successful project accomplishment, improved ability to maintain credibility with water and power users and other customers, and otherwise sustain Reclamation’s credibility. Read More

Panhandle Wildlife Habitat Management

This Texas Parks and Wildlife site provides useful information on wildlife habitat management tools for landowners. There is a special link to wildlife management in the Texas panhandle that provides background on the physiographic regions of the panhandle. Read More

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

This site is sponsored by the Farm Service Agency of the USDA. It has links to several farm programs including: conservation reserve program, conservation reserve enhancement program, emergency conservation program, and environmental and cultural resource compliance. There is also a latest updates section with links to recent news events and programs. Read More

NRCS Conservation Programs

This Natural Resources Conservation Service site provides information on a variety of programs related to conservation, the environment, farm & ranch, forestry, grasslands, wetlands & wildlife, and watersheds. Other links are provide to supply related additional information, including financial services. Read More

Managing Your Property for Wildlife

This is an extensive site provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. Twelve different wildlife habitat management plans are available to download as PDF files. Management topics include: prairie grassland, pasture/hayland, artificial nesting structures, cool season grassland, cropfield management, food plots, old fields, planting trees & shrubs, riparian habitat, urban landscape, wetland habitat, and woodland habitat. These files provide excellent information to landowners, students, and wildlife managers. Read More

Livestock - A Powerful Wildlife Management Tool

This University of Idaho site was written by Karen Launchbaugh from their Rangeland Ecology and Management Department. Sections on livestock as wildlife habitat management tools, effects of improperly managed livestock, effects of properly managed livestock, grazing management for habitat improvement, grazing systems, and conclusions are provided. Read More

Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)

This Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) site provides general information on this program with a fact sheet, questions & answers, program description, key points, and federal regulation. WHIP is a voluntary approach to improving wildlife habitat in our nation. Read More

Mass Wasting in the Fargo-Moorhead Reagion: Mitigation

This North Dakota State University page describes the mass wasting problems in the Fargo-Moorehead region, as well as mitigation and solutions to prevent these problems. Illustrations, maps. Read More

Disturbed Lands Restoration: The Steps to a Restoration Project

Recommended steps for land restoration from the National Park Service. Read More


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