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Smog City

Interactive air pollution simulator from Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District showing personal choices, environmental factors and land use effects. Read More


Scorecard, provided by Environmental Defense, is a free environmental information service. Type in your zip code to learn about environmental issues in your area. Scorecard ranks and compares the pollution situation in areas across the U.S.; profiles 6,80 Read More

Greenpeace Toxics Campaign

At the Greenpeace International home page click on ‘toxics’ to get to Greenpeace Toxics Campaign, which seeks to end the manufacture, use and disposal of hazardous, synthetic substances, especially Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs). Read More

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment

United Nations program that involves government, business and citizens in urban environmental challenges, focusing on water & sanitation, waste management, and energy efficiency. Includes Project & Contact databases and Library. Read More

Summary of Center for Risk Excellence Web Site

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Center for Risk Excellence used the Internet to support development of integrated risk programs and risk-based decision-making. The Environmental Assessment Division (EAD), one of 25 programmatic divisions at Argonne Na Read More

Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment

This Green Design Initiative of Carnegie Mellon site allows you to estimate the overall environmental impact from producing a certain dollar amount of any of 500 commodities or services in the United States. Read More


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