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Technology Tree

The Technology Tree offers public stakeholders a user-friendly, front end, decision-making tool for learning about the available types of environmental characterization and remediation technologies. It relays information from government agencies, vendor Read More

EPA: DfE Automotive Refinishing Publications

This document describes the EPA sponsored Designed for the Environment (DfE) process for voluntary environmental improvement that was developed through the DfE Program’s initial partnerships with the automotive refinishing, adhesives, flexographic and printing and dry cleaning industries and other stakeholders . The information and results of these projects are offered to inspire others who are working to solve environmental problems and to provide a working model of successful stakeholder partnerships for voluntary environmental improvement Read More

Hey, It's Your Backyard

“Hey, It’s Your Backyard” is a program that explores how individuals affect the environment. It is aimed at high school students and educators, and provides an introduction to environmental issues including topics on water, energy and waste. Resources include interactive games, videos, labs, lesson plans and additional resources. Read More

International Environmental Negotiation, Fall 2002

Part of MIT’s innovative OpenCourseWare Project, that provides materials from MIT classes to the public on the web. The site contains materials from a graduate research seminar on complex negotiations of international environmental issues. The class explores the challenges of the widespread environmental phenomena and the strategies needed to successfully negotiate solutions with complex groups of stakeholders. The site provides lecture notes and an extensive list of readings, along with a syllabus and calendar. Read More

Creating a Sustainable Planet

Awesome Library shows what we can do as individuals to reduce global warming and pollution by reducing fossil fuel usage, increasing the number of trees, and improving the availability of safe drinking water. Read More

Environmental Quality Statistics

This site provides access to the statistical tables that appear in Part III Environmental Trends of Environmental Quality, the annual report of the Council on Environmental Quality. Revised and updated monthly. Read More

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Web site of the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics program encouraging agencies to make environmental and health-conscious decisions about products and services they purchase. Read More

Risk Assessment

This site provides access to agency information as well as the full text of Risk Assessment documents, the Toxics Directory, California Cancer Potency Factors and other documents. Also included are links to some relevant laws and legislation. Read More

Environmental Health and Safety Tradeoffs: A Discussion of Policymaking Opportunities and Constraint

This report discusses the implications of cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment in the context of congressional and administrative decisionmaking structures. Read More

IT Power Homepage

IT Power is a sustainable energy consultancy that assists clients to meet their environmental challenges through strategic planning, resource assessments, feasibility studies, energy planning so as to facilitate the integration of sustainable energy. Read More


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