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Sustainable Buildings Industry Council Homepage

Promotes the integrated and whole building design and construction of buildings. Supports passive solar energies as well as technology-driven solutions to assure sustainability and energy efficiency in new buildings. Read More


Provides resources on masonry stoves also known as masonry heaters. Read More

Eco-Products Homepage

Offers a variety of green building products, as well as industrial supplies and supplies for the office, household, lawn and garden. Read More

Earthwood Building School Homepage

Provides books, videos, building plans and conferences that promote an integrated approach to home design, emphasizing energy efficiency, self sufficiency, cordwood construction, renewable energy, and stewardship of natural resources. Read More

Radiant Panel Association Homepage

Professional organization consisting of radiant heating and cooling contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and professionals. Read More

EcoBuild Homepage

A manufacturer’s representative for several environmentally-friendly building systems that serves as a broker for green building materials, mechanical systems and interior products, and provides consulting services for building professionals. Read More

Building With Trees Program

Tree protection guidelines for builders. Provides opportunities for builders and developers to receive recognition for their efforts in protecting existing trees during the planning, design, and construction of new buildings. Read More

Protecting Trees from Construction Damage: A Homeowner's Guide.

Provides guidelines pertaining to the preservation of established, healthy trees on construction sites. Read More

Protecting Trees During Construction

Provides guidelines pertaining to the preservation of established, healthy trees on construction sites. Read More

NAHB Homepage

A leader in green building, including energy efficiency. Sponsors important conferences, research, and publications. Read More


EERL's mission is to be the best possible online collection of environmental and energy sustainability resources for community college educators and for their students. The resources are also available for practitioners and the public.


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