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Association of State Wetlands Managers

The Association of State Wetland Managers is a nonprofit membership organization established in 1983 to promote and enhance protection and management of wetland resources, to promote application of sound science to wetland management efforts and to provide training and education for our members and the public. Membership is open to anyone who is involved with wetland resources. Read More

USGS Biological Science Centers

This USGS site provides a map of the United States showing the names and locations of their 18 different regional offices, science centers, and research centers. This color map provides direct links to each of these locations. The information contained within these sites provides a tremendous diversity to students, teachers, and professionals within the field of biology and natural resources. Read More

The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)

This is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web with over 100 partnering agencies representing federal, state, and local governments, international agencies, as well as many public and private agencies and organizations. Eight current biological issues, five biological disciplines, geographic perspectives, teacher resources, data and information resources as well as a search feature are found as links on this site. Anyone dealing with biological relationships within the natural resources arena must see this site. Read More

National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

This USDA site provides access to a number of current environmental topics. The natural resources and environment section provides information on air quality, ecosystems, environmental and resource economics, fish and wildlife, forests, global change, rangelands, soils, sustainable development, and water. Read More

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

This is an important educational web site providing information on insects, molluscs, fish, herps, birds, and mammals. There is a direct link to their Animal Diversity Web site and links to related museums and institutions. Read More

The Ohio Wetlands Foundation

The mission of the Ohio Wetlands Foundation is to provide the highest quality offsite wetlands mitigation alternatives in Ohio by means of restoring, enhancing and protecting wetlands. This website provides basic descriptions of wetlands, and information on Ohio wetland mitigation banks. Read More

Marine Stewardship Council

This organization is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes responsible fishing practices worldwide. Read More

Sierra Club Homepage

The Sierra Club’s grassroots advocacy has made it America’s most influential environmental organization. Founded in 1892, there are now 700,000 members. Read More

Sierra Nevada Alliance Homepage

The Sierra Nevada Alliance is a regional coalition of grassroots and regional groups working in the Sierra to protect and restore the natural and community values of the mountain range. Read More

Planning and Conservation League and PCL Foundation Homepage

The Planning and Conservation League is a nonprofit, statewide alliance of citizens and conservation organizations united to protect wildlife and restore the quality of California’s environment through legislative and administrative action. Read More


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