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Safety and Health -- Texts, Manuals, Other Media

View Resource Safety With Grain Augers

Grain augers have probably replaced more hard work from handling grain than most other machines, but they have also been the cause or source of more injury and even death to farm workers and children...
View Resource Science Education Safety

The PDF files on this site are concerned with science safety. The guides are free to schools to download. To read or print the files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The guides were...
View Resource Straight Facts About PTO Shafts and Shields

The typical PTO shaft can: * Wrap up 424 feet of shoe lace in one minute at 540 rpm, or 785 feet of shoe lace at 1000 rpm. How long is your shoe lace? * Wrap your arm or leg around the...
View Resource Tractor Safety: Stay on Top of It!

The farm tractor is often considered the farmer's best friend. But, all too often, the tractor is the agent of injury and death.
View Resource Water Tanks

There are few cities in the U.S. with the number of tall buildings that New York City has, and also few cities with a water system as old. As a matter of fire prevention, taller buildings are...
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