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Education and Training Resources -- K-12

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View Resource Developing Water Quality Index

The student will identify microorganisms in samples taken from natural sites.
View Resource Dissolved Oxygen Testing/Water Quality

PDF file Dissolved Oxygen Testing/Water Quality Concept: Discuss the concept of indicator organisms/species. Students obtain and test water samples from several sites differing in water quality.
View Resource Earth's Atmosphere

Brief explanation of the earth's atmosphere and the four layers: Troposphere, Statosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere. On Liftoff, a website from NASA.
View Resource EarthGuide

This interactive, easy-to-use educational resource is about Earth, oceans and the environment. Environmental and earth science topics are included.
View Resource Educating Young People About Water

A resource for educators in developing community-based, water education programs.
View Resource Educational Materials in Agriculture

A collection of educational materials for teachers, parents and students featuring valuable learning tools on the varied aspects of agriculture, health, nutrition and science.
View Resource Effects of Radiation on the Germination and Growth of Radish Seeds

Using purchased irradiated seeds, students compare the effects of radiation on seed germination.
View Resource Egg-sucking Snapple Bottle

The purpose of this demonstration is to introduce simple gas laws.
View Resource Energy Bike

The Energy Bike teaches students concepts of electricity with innovative, hands=on activities.
View Resource Energy Quest

A library of resources for teachers and students pertaining to many aspects of energy and energy conservation.
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