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View Resource Farm Energy Options

Renewable energy is a hot topic in U.S. agriculture today. Find out how farmers are harnessing (and profiting from) alternative energy sources: wind, sun, water and energy crops.
View Resource Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

A a detailed list of the federal government tax credits.
View Resource Greentie

An international directory of suppliers whose technologies and services help reduce greenhouse gas emmissions.
View Resource groSolar Homepage

groSolar is North America?s premier provider of solar energy solutions for commercial and residential applications. groSolar serves the 1-30 MW commercial markets with complete EPC, financing, and d...
View Resource Ground-Fault Protection is Expanding

In 1984, engineers at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) directed the PV industry to propose Section 690.5 for the 1987 National Electrical Code (NEC), which would require a ground-fault...
View Resource HEED Validated against the ASHRAE/BESTEST Standard

HEED (Home Energy Efficient Design) is an easy-to-use tool that helps homeowners and architects design more energy efficient homes. It uses a state of the art hourly heat balance technique for...
View Resource HEED: Home Energy Efficient Design

This is very easy to use, yet very capable simulation software for estimating the energy/thermal performance of a passive solar or conventional home. Weather files for over 500 worldwide locations. ...
View Resource Natural Gas Appliance Calculator, Wisconsin Public Service

Very handy calculator for estimating gas use as cost for the common gas appliances.
View Resource New Mexico Wind Plant Site Screening Model User's Manual

The purpose of the New Mexico Wind Plant Site Screening Model is to provide a means to economically screen potential sites for wind plant development in the State. The model requires a minimum number...
View Resource Oil: Crude and Petroleum Products

When crude oil was first discovered in the United States, it was taken from natural pools on the earth's surface and was used mainly for medicinal purposes. These natural pools supplied about 3...
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