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Automotive -- Energy Conservation

View Resource Good Things in Small Packages

City Cars are the urban solution — faster and with more range than an NEV, yet still electric, and compact compared to even the smallest of gas machines. Become an online member to view article.
View Resource Government - Reformulated Gas: Bad in More Ways than One

This article published in "Ideas on Liberty" describes the problems with reformulated gas, and specific issues with the additives ethanol and MTBE. It provides a brief overview of the environmental...
View Resource Growing Energy: How Biofuels Can Help End America's Oil Dependence

The United states does not have to rely on oil to drive our economy and quality of life. We can replace much of our oil with biofuels - fuels made from plant materials grown by American farmers.
View Resource How Hybrid Cars Work

Hybrid cars and other vehicles have been around for many years. This site treats the reader to information concerning a variety of different forms of alternative energy vehicles including the...
View Resource Hybrids & Diesels Face Off for Fuel-Efficient Choices

Spinning your wheels trying to figure out what kind of fuel-efficient ride to buy? Here’'s how the top two options, —hybrids and diesels, —stack up.
View Resource Hypercars®, Hydrogen, and the Automotive Transition

Lightweighting is the key to making vehicles superefficient but safe. In this invited technical review paper in the International Journal of Vehicle Design, RMI's CEO Amory Lovins and Hypercar,...
View Resource Industry Trends Report Spring 2008

A Quarterly Publication from Mitchell International, this document has features including: ?Measuring Alternate Parts Usage,? ?The Economy & Short-Term Energy Outlook,? plus a Special Editor?...
View Resource Legislative Options to Improve Transportation Efficiency

This white paper provides state legislatures with options to improve vehicle transportation efficiency within the state. Vehicles account for the majority of oil use in the United States. Traditional...
View Resource Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Environmentally Beneficial Load Building: Implications on California’s Revenue Adjustment Mechanism

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are poised to allow, for the first time, large-scale interaction between the transportation and electric utility sectors. Electricity is a more efficient...
View Resource Sorting Out the Alternatives: EVs, Hybrids, & Fuel Cell Vehicles

Shari Prange explores the truths, hopes, and pipe dreams of the three main types of alternative vehicles: electric, hybrid, and fuel cell. Become an online member to view article.
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