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Automotive -- Energy Conservation

View Resource Comments to NHTSA on Revised Light-Truck CAFE Standards

On 23 August 2005, NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) proposed adopting RMI's recommendation of a size- rather than weight-based structure for future light-truck CAFE...
View Resource Comparative Assessment of Fuel Cell Cars

A continuation of previous work, the study provides a comparative analysis of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to conventional internal combustion and hybrid engines, examining both life-cycle energy use...
View Resource Comparison Chart

A tool for comparing the stats and features of selected hybrids with other hybrids and non-hybrid references.
View Resource Consumption and Efficiency

Overview, data, analysis and projections for all types of energy use.
View Resource Design and Manufacture of an Affordable Advanced-Composite Automotive Body Structure

Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel economy and addressing range, performance, size, and cost challenges associated with fuel-cell and hybrid propulsion systems. This paper...
View Resource E85 Fuel Information

As concerns about rising gasoline prices and dependence on foreign oil increase, Americans are looking for alternative fuels like ethanol. This two-page report from Federal Mogul?s Carter Fuel D...
View Resource EPA Displays the First Advanced Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

The EPA and its partners displayed the first advanced hydraulic hybrid vehicle at the 2004 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress held in Detroit, Michigan. This vehicle, which uses...
View Resource EV for Sale: Finding & Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

Can’t wait for a mass-production electric vehicle to get rolling? Here’s a perfect primer on today’s secondhand EV marketplace.
View Resource Fuel Economy Guide

Compare cars from 1986 to present.
View Resource Fuel Savings Potential and Costs Considerations for US Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks through Resistance

This report explores options for greater fuel efficiency in heavy duty commercial trucks. Strategies explored include changes to driving resistance, fuel technology, engine technology, and driver...
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