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Building Construction, HVAC, and Landscape Design -- Building Materials

View Resource Energy Innovation Portal: Linking Energy Technologies with Market Opportunities

Find information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies available for licensing developed by U.S. Department of Energy laboratories and participating research institutions. Includes...
View Resource Hydrogen Codes and Standards Portal

Hydrogen Codes and Standards Portal provides one-stop access to standards critical to the jobs of building code officials, permitting officials, fire safety officials, product designers, and...
View Resource Institute for the Built Environment

This site features a multidisciplinary research institute. Its mission is to foster stewardship and sustainability of the built environment through a research-based, interdisciplinary educational...
View Resource

Homepage of the National Insulation Association which provides member benefits, including publications, conventions and meetings.
View Resource Integrating LCA Tools in Green Building Rating Systems

This report examines ways to ensure better integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) techniques and LCA-based decision support tools in whole building rating and certification systems. It includes a...
View Resource Life Cycle Inventory of Five Products Produced from Polylactide (PLA) and Petroleum-based Resins

The focus of this report is comparative Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) results for the production of various kinds of plastic consumer products made from petroleum- and bio-based resins. Energy and...
View Resource Many Dimensions of Uncertainty Analysis in LCA

Gregory Norris, who is respected worldwide for his innovations in quantifying and understanding sustainability, provides an interesting look at many of the factors that lead to uncertainty in the...
View Resource Natural Building Resources Homepage

Resources for natural building and living, including straw bale home construction, books, and videos.
View Resource Oikos Green Building Source

Oikos serves professionals whose work promotes sustainable design and construction. This web site contains a wealth of information valuable to many viewers on numerous aspects of green building,...
View Resource Product Certification and Evaluation

Behind the built environment lies a complicated series of legal regulations, created to specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed assemblies and products as they relate to...
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