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View Resource MIT's Climate Modeling Initiative

This site summarizes the current research initiatives of the MIT Climate Modeling Initiative (CMI). Website pages discuss strategies the Initiative is using to accurately model the earth's...
View Resource Mobility 2001 Report

The report describes the current state of transportation networks around the world, and describes the implications for future global sustainability.
View Resource Nepali Water Project 2001-2002

The document is an annual report of the activities of the MIT Nepali Water Project. The purpose of the project is to improve drinking water quality in Nepal through reduction in contamination of...
View Resource Nitrate Controls on Iron and Arsenic in an Urban Lake

The article examines the interactions of two toxic chemicals, nitrate and arsenic, in a contaminated lake. The researchers find that the presence of nitrates in a lake may affect the cycling of...
View Resource On the Road in 2020, a Life-cycle Analysis of New Automobile Technologies

The study provides a comparative analysis of passenger vehicle technologies that could be on the market by the year 2020. The authors analyzed cost,energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions...
View Resource Past and Future Effects of Ozone on Net Primary Production and Carbon Sequestration Using a Global Biogeochemical Model

Air pollutants that are not greenhouse gases can still affect climate change. They may do this by directly reacting with greenhouse gases or by indirectly affecting greenhouse gas systems. Felzer...
View Resource Publication Lists from the MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems

The MIT Center for Advance Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) has done extensive research into both advanced nuclear technologies and their implications for the implementation of nuclear power and its...
View Resource Reports and Papers Related to Combustion, Engines, Thermodynamics, and Turbulent Reacting Flows

This paper provides a comprehensive bibliography of research from the MIT Sloan Automotive Laboratory. Resources are provided on topics varying from engine efficiencies, fuel by-products, pollution...
View Resource Sea Grant Woods Hole Focal Points Index

This index provides several articles that have been printed in Focal Points, a periodical published by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The articles focus on various marine topics, often...
View Resource Sources of Emission Reductions: Evidence from U.S. SO2 Emissions from 1985 through 2002

This paper describes database studies that have examined where the greatest emission reductions in sulfur dioxide have occurred over the past twenty years. Specifically, the paper examines whether...
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