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Waste Management -- Recycling and Composting

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View Resource Recycling Grass Clippings

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response factsheet discusses benefits of leaving grass clippings on the lawn and provides contacts for further information.
View Resource Recycling Means Business

Environmental Protection Agency Solid Waste & Emergency Response booklet concerning environmental and economic benefits of recycling and market development for recycled products.
View Resource Teachers: Basic Facts About Waste

Classroom resources on waste management for grades K-12 and for teachers. The resources below include general information about waste generation and management. Basic waste reduction tips are also...
View Resource Teaching Resources – Waste and Recycling

The EPA's extensive waste and recycling resources for K-12 teachers.
View Resource The Art and Science of Composting: A resource for farmers and compost producers

Composting is controlled decomposition, the natural breakdown process of organic residues. Composting transforms raw organic waste materials into biologically stable, humic substances that make...
View Resource The Consumer’s Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste: The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

This is a seven-part Web site on waste management that outlines many practical steps to reduce the amount and toxicity of garbage.
View Resource The Humanure Handbook: a Guide to Composting Human Manure, 2nd Ed.

Read the book online by chapters (10), or download the 3rd Ed.
View Resource Too Good To Throw Away: Recycling's proven record

Two tables taken from the report Too good to throw away showing energy savings and CO2 impact from recycling and the recover rates of materials found in the U.S. waste stream.
View Resource Waste Management in Indian Country

Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 Hazardous Waste Management Division Solid Waste Section booklet describes setting up a recycling program. Provides examples of recycling manufacturing...
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