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Water and Wastewater -- Water Treatment

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View Resource History of Drinking Water Treatment

Ancient civilizations established themselves around water sources. While the importance of ample water quantity for drinking and other purposes was apparent to our ancestors, an understanding of...
View Resource Household Water Treatment

Virginia Cooperative Extension Service site with complete descriptions of: Activated Carbon and Mechanical Filters, Water Softeners, Iron Removal Equipment, Neutralizers, Distillation Units, Reverse...
View Resource How Sewer and Septic Systems Work: Measuring the Effectiveness of Treatment Plant

Definitions of the measures of effectiveness of treatment.
View Resource How Sewer and Septic Systems Work: Urban Wastewater Systems

Step-by-step in the treatment of wastewater.
View Resource Information Collection Rule (ICR): Drinking Water Pathogens and Their Indicators: A Reference Resource

This U.S. EPA reference resource provides useful information on organisms that may be found in water. Specific reference to pathogens is included. Other related links are included.
View Resource Information For Homeowners with Private Wells

This Wisconsin of Natural Resources website provides information on having your private water supply built correctly and protected adequately.
View Resource Information for Public Water System Owners and Operators

This Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources page provides basic information for owners of public water supply systems. It provides links to the state regulations, and information on water quality...
View Resource Integrated Water Strategies — Water Recycling

This site has a wealth of information about natural water purification using wetlands and sand dunes.
View Resource Jar Testing

Explanation of Jar testing used in water wastewater treatment to simulate the coagulation and flocculation needed on the water being run through the plant. Site includes pictures and animation. From...
View Resource Microbe World

The MicrobeWorld site describes basic aspects of water quality. This introductory page links to news, video, images, and resources on the microbiology of water.
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