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Waste Management -- Hazardous Materials

View Resource Engineered Landfills

Landfills that can accept hazardous waste are as different from the old county dumps as a tricycle is to a new Cadillac. Landfills for disposal of hazardous wastes are required to meet very stringent...
View Resource EPA’s Proposed Rule on the Redefinition of Solid Waste

A major rollback Of the environmental law that protects our land an groundwater.
View Resource Fate and Transport

Hazardous contaminants will be released from treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF's), industry, government facilities, households, and other everyday institutions regardless of the...
View Resource Four Hazardous Waste Characteristics

A brief description of hazardous waste characteristics and the approved method of testing, according to The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Paragraph 261.20.
View Resource Ground-Water Contamination by Heavy Metals -- Tar Creek, Oklahoma

Years of mining for heavy metals has resulted in abandoned mines that are a source of ground- and surface-water contamination in many areas of the United States. To gain an understanding of the...
View Resource Hazardous Materials Technical Coordinator

The Hazardous Materials Technical Coordinator manages hazardous materials and wastes in compliance with regulations to protect human health and the environment as well as to minimize an...
View Resource Hazardous Substance Research Centers (HSRC)

Technical Outreach for Communities (TOSC) and Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities (TAB).
View Resource Hazardous Waste Identification Flowchart

EPA grants specific exclusions from some hazardous waste regulations if certain conditions are met. Some materials are excluded from the ...
View Resource Hazardous Waste Incineration: Advanced Technology to Protect the Environment

This Environmental Technology Council-sponsored website contains a useful description of hazardous waste incineration. "The purpose of this report is to inform both public officials and the...
View Resource In Situ Soil Decontamination by Radio-Frequency Heating-Field Test

This report summarizes a successful pilot test of radiofrequency soil decontamination performed at an abandoned fire training area on Volk Field ANGB WI. The results of preliminary laboratory column...
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