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Waste Management -- Automotive

View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Ohio: Floordrains

Floor drains in many industrial facilities have been found to empty into surface waters, or into septic fields. Floor drains, especially those built when designers and contractors were much less...
View Resource Dealing With Your Hazardous Waste

Hazardous wastes in an auto collision repair shop go far beyond waste paints and solvents: Rags used for solvent wiping, sponges and mops used for cleaning and spray booth filters are also part of...
View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Iowa Used Oil Filters

In the past, the majority of used oil filters were disposed of in landfills. Today, millions of filters are being recycled. Oil filters are usually made from paper, metal and rubber. Used oil filters...
View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Michigan: Waste Fuel

Waste fuel is contaminated gasoline or diesel that cannot be used in vehicles. Under most circumstances, waste fuel is a hazardous waste because it is ignitable and must be managed on site and...
View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Michigan: Waste Tires

This fact sheet provides information concerning the local, state and federal requirements for storing, transportation and recycling of old tires. Disposal of scrap tires is one of the biggest solid...
View Resource Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses (Part I)

This is a two part brief with insights into disposing of, uses for, and recycling used oil in the auto industry. To get to the second part scroll to the end of the article and click on "to see...

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