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Laboratory Services -- Sampling and Monitoring

View Resource Laboratory and Field Studies of Cadmium Effects on Hyalella Azteca in Effluent Dominated Systems

Library Holdings. Laboratory single-species toxicity tests are used to assess the effects of contaminants on aquatic biota. Questions remain as to how accurately these controlled toxicity tests...
View Resource Mass Spectrometry: A Primer

The free access spectroscopy portal that fulfills the information needs of all spectroscopists. Requires registration to access this material.,1181,0-14...
View Resource NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM�)

NMAM is a collection of methods for sampling and analysis of contaminants in workplace air, and in the blood and urine of workers who are occupationally exposed. It may be ordered or viewed online.
View Resource Sample Analysis Holding Time/Container/Preservation Check Sheet

Record sheet for samples and holding times of common analytes - BOD, chlorine, ammonia, oil and grease, nitrate, nitrite, mercury, total phosphates, etc.
View Resource Seton Compliance Resource Center: 49 CFR Chapter 1 Part 178

Site has definitions of holding time from the United States Code of Federal Regulations.
View Resource SpectroscopyNOW: Online Resource Serving the Spectroscopy Community

The free access spectroscopy portal that fulfills the information needs of all spectroscopists.,1181,0-0-...
View Resource summary of Sample Containers, Preservation Methods, and Holding Times

List of analytes and holding times with recommended volumes and container types - nitrite, nitrate, pH, turbidity, E. coli, ammonia, heavy metals, etc.
View Resource Water Quality Laboratory: Sample Containers, Preservation, and Holding Times

Charts of sample holding times and containers needed for variety of analyzes.
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