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View Resource Glossary of Heating and Insulation Terms

List of common terms used in the HVAC and insulation industry.
View Resource Glossary of Water Quality Terms and Acronym List

North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service, Applied Resource Economics and Policy Group, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, provides brief definitions of technical...
View Resource Glossary of Water Resource Terms

The Edwards Aquifer (serving south central Texas) Homepage provides definitions for terms relating to water resources.
View Resource Green Speak: A Glossary of Terms used in Green Business

This glossary provides useful definitions for many of the terminology and buzzwords frequently used within the green industry. This guide serves as an introductory resource for anyone new to the...
View Resource Illustrated Pocket Dictionary of Chromatography

Library Holdings. Quick reference for overview of chromatography and how GC works.
View Resource Improving Air Quality in Your Community: Glossary

This list of glossary terms was compiled from existing EPA definitions and supplemented, where necessary, by additional terms and definitions. The wording of selected items may have been modified...
View Resource Indoor Air Quality Glossary of Terms

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA) provides definitions for indoor air quality terms, including acronyms.
View Resource Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)

The Environmental Protection Agency provides definitions of environmental terms used in Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), including acronyms.
View Resource Land Disposal Restrictions Glossary

The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Solid Waste offers two glossaries: the LDR (Land Disposal Restrictions) deals specifically with terms applied in the LDR program; the EPA glossary,...
View Resource Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Glossary

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) defines the technical terms that are used on their web site.
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