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Sustainability -- Current Issues and Publications

View Resource Get Maximum Power From Your Solar Panels with MPPT

Increase the output of your solar-electric system with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. Become an online member to view article.
View Resource Global Sustainable Development Resolution

Designed to force Congressional debate on the future of the global economy, the Global Sustainable Development Resolution suggests alternative approaches to help design a new "financial architecture."
View Resource Global Warming Expected to Hit Poor the Hardest

The potential human costs of climate change have been underestimated, says the recently released United Nations Development Program 2007-2008 Human Development Report. Calling global climate...
View Resource Global Warming: Earth's Reaction to Exponential Population Growth

Mankind may have killed off its first species of dolphin. Humans may soon be on a long list of other species at risk due to our own actions, and growing population.
View Resource green@work homepage

The magazine explores the social, ideological, economic and political issues that advance green design strategies, as well as the intellectual and charismatic expressions of the visionaries who are...
View Resource Greenest Big Companies in America

Newsweek's exclusive environmental ranking of America's 500 largest corporations.
View Resource Home Power's 24 Volt System

A growth spurt in the system that powers Home Power?s editorial office?the new system (in a new room) is 24 volts, with flexibility for equipment testing and future growth. Take the tour. Become an ...
View Resource Human Population Growth

"Humanity's impact on the earth has increased extinction rates to levels rivaling the five mass extinctions of past geologic history, transformed nearly half of Earth's land and created 50 dead zones...
View Resource Human Population Growth and the Accelerating Rate of Species Extinction

In recent years, some prominent economists have argued that there is no upper limit to human population growth, that finiteness in resources is meaningless, and that prosperity can be had by all....
View Resource Improving Solar Food Dryers

Dennis Scanlin and the crew at Appalachian State give us the data needed to performance-tune their solar food dryer, first profiled in HP57. Hop yours up before the growing season.
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