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Safety and Health -- Emergency Planning -- Laws and Regulations

View Resource Emergency Planning for Chemical Spills: EPCRA Guide to Facilities - Where to File EPCRA Information-

Describes creation & responsibilities of State Emergency Response Commission, Local Emergency Planning Committee, and Tribal Emergency Response Commission. Provides EPCRA Hotline phone numbers and...
View Resource Emergency Planning for Chemical Spills: Explanation of Other Related Emergency Planning Laws

Briefly discusses the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Clean Water Act, The OSHA Emergency Action Plan, the Comprehensive Emergency Response, Compensation and Liability Act, the Clean Air...
View Resource Emergency Planning for Chemical Spills: What Can Happen if the Facility Does Not Report?

Describes possible law suits and penalties for noncompliance, the EPA's role in enforcement and EPCRA Section 313 (Toxic Release Inventory).
View Resource Emergency Planning for Chemical Spills: What is Tier One Information? [Chemical Storage]

Discusses the EPCRA-required inventory report of on-site hazardous chemicals, as well as the more frequently filed Tier Two Report that provides additional information.
View Resource Frequently Asked Questions - HAZWOPER

This OSHA website answers many of the more common questions regarding their HAZWOPER regulation (29 CFR 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.) It more specifically addresses...
View Resource Laws, Regulations and Interpretations

Laws, Regulations and Interpretations provides a comprehensive and easy to use resource for current OSHA standards and enforcement-related information.
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