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Jobs and Careers -- Career Information -- Job Types, Descriptions, and Tasks

View Resource Careerjet

Careerjet is an employment search engine. In just one search access 17,820,166 jobs published on 69,765 websites in the world.
View Resource Careers for Biology Majors

Furman University Biology Department offers links to nearly 200 Web sites that describe specific careers accessible after training in biology.
View Resource Careers in Oceanography and Marine Related Fields

The Office of Naval Research provides information on careers available in oceanography, including employment opportunities, current market outlook, and suggested resources for further information.
View Resource Careers in the Geosciences

The American Geological Institute describes in this 1997 brochure what a geoscientist does, the job and salary outlook, and links to related information.
View Resource DACUMS (Occupational Analyses)

Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center lists of job tasks performed in specific environmental technology occupations, including air, water, waste and hazardous materials.
View Resource Director of Environmental Services

As Director of Environmental Services, this career professional monitors and enforces within her company the environmental guidelines set up by the Environmental Protection Agency. She leads a small...
View Resource Engineer

Video and information on skills, education, average salary, and future of those working as engineers.
View Resource Engineer Girl!

Career guidance for middle school girls on engineering science.
View Resource Engineer Your Life

Career guidance for high school girls on engineering science.
View Resource Environmental Specialist

This native Iowan says he has always felt a kinship with the environment. Growing up on a farm taught him how humans interact with nature. This interest led him to study geography in college and...
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