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Natural Resources Management -- Forests and Forestry -- Current Issues and Publications

View Resource Capability and Cost Assessment of the Major Forest Nations to Measure and Monitor their Forest Carbon

According to the Executive Summary, the aims and objective of this report are to provide an assessment of national capacity and capability in 25 tropical countries for measuring and monitoring forest...
View Resource Climate Change Handbook: A Citizen’s Guide to Thoughtful Action

Climate change is the topic of our day. Unfortunately, it isn?t a topic that?s going away. Scientists all over the world agree?and most people are beginning to realize?that climate change is real. E...
View Resource Conserving Biodiversity Through Sustainable Forestry

Library Holdings. This guidebook was written to promote . communication and understanding about forest . biodiversity (Glossary) among researchers, practitioners, landowners, managers, and...
View Resource Considerations in the Selection and Use of Indicators for Sustaining Forests

NCSSF?s project report "Considerations in the Selection and Use of Indicators for Sustaining Forests" reflects the lessons gleaned from participants at a ?Think Tank? workshop. The report by the M...
View Resource Eliasch Review: Forest Management Impacts on Ecosystem Services

Library Holdings. According [to] the executive summary, "this report provides an overview of the different forest management models on carbon and non-carbon environmental ecosystem services, with...
View Resource Estimating the Cost of Building Capacity in Rainforest Nnations to Allow Them to Participate in a Global REDD Mechanism

This report provides an estimation of the funds that will be needed to build carbon sink capacity in 25 rain forest nations to enable them to participate in the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation...
View Resource Fire Ecology

Devoted to fire ecology in Yellowstone, this site includes sections on fire effects, fire facts, fire monitoring, Mt. Washburn FireCam, prescribed fire, reference / links, vegetation, weather page,...
View Resource Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets

Forest Service provides links to directories for Eastern, Western or All Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets (FIDLs).
View Resource Forest Products Laboratory Publications List

USDA Forest Service provides links to PDF documents about wood products.
View Resource Forests and Emissions: A contribution to the Eliasch Review

Library Holdings. This report discusses the impacts of deforestation and reforestation on carbon emissions and carbon storage, and how change in land cover will affect future trends in climate...
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