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View Resource Home Energy Brief #2, Lighting

There are many lighting designs and technologies available today that can not only meet all your lighting needs, but can do so using less electricity. This Brief details a few steps to make your home...
View Resource Home Energy Brief #1, Building Envelope

On average, a typical family can spend as much as $680 per year to heat and cool its home. This Brief explains why this expense is not necessary, even in extreme climates, and can be reduced by up to...$FILE/...
View Resource A Biodiesel Primer: Market and Public Policy Developments, Quality, Standards, & Handling

When it comes to biodiesel, we are living in exciting times! Never before has the production and use of biodiesel captivated the interest of such a diverse range of groups, including governments...
View Resource FAQ About the Safe Handling and Use of Methanol

Methanol, also known as wood alcohol or methyl alcohol, is made primarily from natural gas or coal, and can also be produced from renewable resources such as landfill gas and digester gas. Methanol...
View Resource Technical Information & Safe Handling Guide for Methanol

Responsible Care® is a voluntary initiative of the international chemical industry, designed to foster continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance, as well as sensitivity ...
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