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View Resource Using Infrared Thermography to Assess Building Problems

Closer Look Inspections is the only Cleveland area company that uses infrared thermography to detect and assess building damage during investigations. By spotting thermal anomalies in the infrared...
View Resource Technology Proves Valuable in Building Damage Surveys

Water is by far the leading cause of damage to buildings throughout the U.S. Inspecting the damage is a tricky business and can be very costly and time consuming. In some cases, such as a broken...
View Resource Mold Investigation & Cleanup

A decade ago, mold was almost never mentioned by residential homeowners. Today, with misinformation, media hype and multi-million dollar lawsuits, mold is becoming one of the most discussed topics...
View Resource Builders & Mold "More Attention Now Could Result in Less Headaches Later"

Mold has become an area of concern to anyone that makes a living building. The explosion of media coverage in the last few years has led to a near panic over mold. This media explosion, in addition...
View Resource Buildings Are Getting Greener; But Are They Getting Better?

The energy crisis we are facing, public perception of global warming, media coverage and better awareness by building owners is fueling a ?Green Building? explosion. Everywhere one looks today, the...
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