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View Resource To Fuse or Not to Fuse?

Most people agree that the National Electrical Code (NEC) improves with each edition. However, photovoltaic technology is still evolving, with new equipment, new wiring procedures, and new...
View Resource Avoiding Common Code Mistakes

Eight years into the new millennium, the PV industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. New module and inverter manufacturers are entering the market, and the number of PV system installers is...
View Resource Ground-Fault Protection is Expanding

In 1984, engineers at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) directed the PV industry to propose Section 690.5 for the 1987 National Electrical Code (NEC), which would require a ground-fault...
View Resource Module Wiring 101

Photovoltaic systems require wiring methods not normally found in residential or commercial electrical systems. Do-it-yourselfers and installers alike should become familiar with the National...
View Resource Considerations for PV Site Surveys

The requirements of the local and national electrical and building codes determine how a solar-electric (photovoltaic; PV) system is installed. A site survey is an excellent time to integrate...
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