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View Resource How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet

AFSCME members who work around chemicals frequently ask, "What is this stuff and what is it doing to me?" Most public employees are now covered by Right-to-Know laws which require employers to supply...
View Resource AFSCME Health & Safety Fact Sheet: PCBs

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of extremely toxic organic chemicals. They are fire-resistant and do not conduct electricity. They were used mainly as oils in electrical transformers and...
View Resource AFSCME Health & Safety Fact Sheet: Glutaraldehyde

Glutaraldehyde is a toxic chemical that is used for cold sterilization of medical and dental equipment. It is in Cidex and other products. Glutaraldehyde can cause severe irritation of the eyes, nose...
View Resource AFSCME Health & Safety Fact Sheet: Emergency Evacuation Checklist

It is essential that occupants can quickly and safely evacuate the workplace in the event of an emergency. Workers should be involved in developing and updating the emergency plan. It is important to...
View Resource AFSCME Health & Safety Fact Sheet: Federal OSHA and EPA Asbestos Laws

AFSCME has played a major role in shaping federal asbestos laws to protect maintenance, custodial, and other building service workers and occupants. These laws give workers the right to know if the...
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