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View Resource Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM) : Nitrate/Nitrite Toxicity

Nitrate toxicity is a preventable cause of methemoglobinemia. Infants younger than 4 months of age are at particular risk of nitrate toxicity from contaminated well water. The widespread use of...
View Resource Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM): Taking an Exposure History

Because many environmental diseases either manifest as common medical problems or have nonspecific symptoms, an exposure history is vital for correct diagnosis. By taking a thorough exposure...
View Resource Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM) : Lead Toxicity

Children of all races and ethnic origins are at risk of lead toxicity throughout the U.S. Lead may cause irreversible neurological damage as well as renal disease, cardiovascular effects, and...
View Resource Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM) : Asbestos Toxicity

This educational case study document is one in a series of self-instructional publications designed to increase the primary care provider?s knowledge of hazardous substances in the environment and t...
View Resource Animals as Sentinels of Human Health Hazards of Environmental Chemicals

A workshop titled "Using Sentinel Species Data to Address the Potential Human Health Effects of Chemicals in the Environment," sponsored by the U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research, the...
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