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View Resource Rotary Engines: Technical Highlights of the RENESIS Rotary Engine

The RENESIS engine, installed in the Mazda RX-8, has its roots in the MSP-RE, unveiled at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show as the power unit for the RX-01 concept sports car. This 4-page report offers...
View Resource Guide to Proper Fuel Pump Installation

Correctly Diagnosing a Low Pressure, Low Volume or No-Fuel Problem: A lack of fuel to the engine may signal a failed fuel pump. But don?t immediately assume that the pump is the problem. Other i...
View Resource Remy’s New Technical White Paper on the Connection Between Alternator Efficiency and Fuel Savings

Improving fuel savings is one of the most important goals of any fleet on the road today. Inspired by this fact, Remy Inc. recently published a new white paper entitled, ?Improving Alternator E...
View Resource Rotary Engines: Structure and Working Principles of the Rotary Engine

Over the past 400 years, many inventors and engineers have pursued the idea of developing a continuously rotating internal combustion engine. This 2-page paper offers information on the rotary...
View Resource Nissan/Infiniti Climate Control Operations Part III

All the components of the Climate Control system work together as a complete system. Understanding the relationship between these components will help you accurately verify and diagnose complaints....
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