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Classification is Building Construction, HVAC, and Landscape Design -- Energy Efficiency - HVAC, Lighting, Insulation
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View Resource Home Energy Brief #5, Water Heating

Water heating accounts for approximately 19 percent of total home energy use and costs an average household over $300 a year. This Brief outlines the many things you can do to cut your water heating...$FILE/...
View Resource Home Energy Brief #9, Whole System Design

This Brief introduces the powerful tool of whole system design within the context of the building envelope?introducing the synergies that exist between thermal mass, windows, and other components o...
View Resource Home Energy Brief #8, Kitchen Appliances

Having an energy efficient kitchen means understanding the energy consumption of the appliances in your kitchen, the energy life cycle of the food that comes into it, and all of the wastes that leave...
View Resource Home Energy Brief #7, Electronics

Home office equipment, audio and video systems, and miscellaneous electronics consume almost 20 percent of all electricity used inside the average home and can cost as much as $175 per year to...
View Resource Home Energy Brief #6, Cleaning Appliances

Dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers are among the most energy-intensive appliances in the home, costing the average household about $150 annually to power them. This Brief points out efficient...
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