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Classification is Energy -- Current Issues and Publications
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View Resource Hydrogen Economy: Not So Difficult — Without Nuclear Power

RMI's CEO Amory Lovins replies to a Nature article by EPRI's Paul Grant, who claimed that a hydrogen economy would be impractical (taking too much land, capital, fossil fuel, etc.)...except with...
View Resource Twenty Hydrogen Myths

This documented white paper demystifies hydrogen energy, debunks popular misconceptions, and proposes a surprisingly easy, attractive, and profitable path to the hydrogen economy (23 June 2003).
View Resource Cleaner Energy, Greener Profits

This research paper explores the cost-effectiveness of fuel cells as an electrical generation source to provide domestic, commercial and industrial power. Cleaner Energy, Greener Profits finds that,...
View Resource How Innovative Technologies, Business Strategies, and Policies Can Dramatically Enhance Energy Security and Prosperity

This invited Senate Energy Committee testimony by RMI's CEO Amory Lovins tersely outlines how a least-cost national energy strategy can strengthen the United States and make the world safer ? and h...
View Resource Hydrogen: The Future of Energy

Public interest in hydrogen as a fuel for the future has reached an all-time high. Yet conflicting, confusing, and often ill-informed commentary accompanies the excitement. This PowerPoint...
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