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View Resource Population Growth and Balance

The main purpose of this lesson is to learn about population growth and balance. However, in presenting this topic other very interesting and relevant topics will also be covered, giving a broad...
View Resource Population Growth: Impacts on the Environment

Human population growth is the number one threat to the world's environment. Each person requires energy, space and resources to survive, which results in environmental losses. If the human...
View Resource Population Growth over Human History

* How fast has the human population grown in the past? * What is the world population likely to be in the future? * What forces are responsible for the world's human population? * What...
View Resource An Argument Against Population Control in the American Culture

In 1999, Gao Xiao Duan, a former Chinese administrator of the one-couple, one-child policy, appeared before the United States Congress to address this policy. In Duan's testimony, he recalled, "Once...
View Resource Analyzing the World Population Problem

The population problem is an interesting one. There are dire predictions and then there are the refutations that counteract those theories with less dire predictions. Which is it?
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