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Subject is Groundwater--Purification
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View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Valve Exercising

Every water system has valves?devices that regulate, stop, or start the flow of water in the distribution lines. Being able to operate these valves at a moment?s notice is extremely important. In an ...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Ultraviolet Disinfection

Using ultraviolet (UV) light for drinking water disinfection dates back to 1916 in the U.S. UV disinfection involves exposing contaminated water to radiation from UV light. The treatment works...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Turbidity Control

Describes treatment technologies and issues for drinking water professionals, discusses turbidity control. Often described as the cloudiness observed in source water, turbidity can hinder treatment...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Valves

Valves direct, start, stop, mix, or regulate the flow, pressure, or temperature of a fluid. Many types of valves exist. This Tech Brief examines the most common types of valves, problems that may be...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Water Hammer

This phenomenon is the momentary increase in pressure that occurs in a water system when there is a sudden change of direction or velocity of the water. These pressure fluctuations can be severe...
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