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Subject is Groundwater
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View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Slow Sand Filtration

First used in the U.S. in 1872, slow sand filters are the oldest type of municipal water filtration. Today, they remain a promising treatment method for small systems with low turbidity or...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: System Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA systems are recognized as reliable and efficient methods of information management in water treatment facilities. Functions they perform include remote monitoring of well levels and pump...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Sanitary Surveys

A sanitary survey is an inspection of a water system, including the water source, facilities, equipment, operation, and maintenance. Usually conducted by a member of the state primacy agency, the...
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Reservoirs, Towers, and Tanks

After water leaves the treatment plant but before it reaches the customer, it must be adequately and safely stored. This Tech Brief explores the various aspects of water storage.
View Resource Water Tech Briefs: Repairing Distribution Lines

Occasionally, water systems encounter situations where they must repair distribution system pipes. Corrosion and tuberculation (i.e., buildup of sediment, dirt, or rust) may have caused small leaks...
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