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View Resource Climate Consultant 3.0: A Tool for Visualizing Building Energy Implications of Climates

Designing and remodeling buildings that are truly climate responsive depends first on gaining a detailed accurate understanding of the local climate. A newly revised design tool called Climate...
View Resource More Profit With Less Carbon

The economic theorists and political friends or foes of climate protection, who all argue about whether its cost is big or small, are getting the number's sign wrong. Amory Lovins's September 2005...
View Resource What Can We Do To Fix The Climate Problem?

Climate solutions are not costly but profitable, because saving fuel costs less than buying fuel. Many leading companies are making billions of dollars' profit by cutting their carbon intensity or...
View Resource Climate: Making Sense and Making Money

Climate change is not the inevitable price of progress, but rather "an unnecessary artifact of the uneconomically wasteful use of resources," according to this influential white paper by Amory Lovins...
View Resource Climate: Making Sense and Making Money—Overhead Presentation

Detailed overhead-slide lecture notes from Amory Lovins' presentation to an NGO symposium at the 1997 Kyoto Climate Conference presents RMI's thesis that climate protection, properly implemented, is...
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