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Subject is Automobile graveyards
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View Resource Recovering Refrigerant at Salvage Yards and Other Motor Vehicle Disposal Facilities

Confusion exists regarding recycling vs. reclamation of refrigerants. This site offers information and dispositions concerning the regulations for reclamation and recycling of CFC 12 recovered from...
View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Michigan: Vehicle crusher

The principle environmental concern in vehicle crushing operations is the release of fluids still in the vehicle and draining into the soil and ultimately into the groundwater streams. Even if the...
View Resource ECAR Fact Sheet for Michigan: Waste Tires

This fact sheet provides information concerning the local, state and federal requirements for storing, transportation and recycling of old tires. Disposal of scrap tires is one of the biggest solid...
View Resource Environmental Compliance for Auto Recyclers (ECAR)

Like most businesses, automotive recycling facilities are subject to stringent federal, state and local environmental laws. The ECAR website is designed to provide a state-by-state breakdown of the...
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